We create value on multiple fronts for both sponsors, via our passive programmatic co-GP equity, and investors, by via the ability to invest in CRE alongside some of the largest investment institutions in the world.

Josh C. Kline
As CTO at Township Capital, Josh is responsible for overseeing the firm’s internal and external technology footprint.
Josh  C. Kline

This includes maintaining a secure IT posture that meets the compliance requirements of the firm’s partners in the financial space, a secure environment for the firm’s personnel, secure methods for sharing content with external partners as well as the firm’s web presence.

Josh is an Emmy-winning technologist who has been working in enterprise software for over 18 years. Most recently, Josh was Head of Media & Entertainment for (NYSE: BOX) where he engaged with some of the largest media companies in the world, advising them on secure content collaboration and workflows.

Josh lives in Los Angeles with his wife Ann and son Cooper, and is an alumni of USC’s School of Planning and Development.