We create value on multiple fronts for both sponsors, via our passive programmatic co-GP equity, and investors, by via the ability to invest in CRE alongside some of the largest investment institutions in the world.

Matthew Doherty

Managing Director
Head of Operations

As Head of Operations at TownshipCapital, Matt is responsible for overseeing the general operations of the firm with a focus on the processes and systems around developing both new operating partner relationships as well as fund raising relationships.
Matthew Doherty

In addition to the oversight and analysis on new investment partner and capital sources, Matt draws from prior career experience to assist with investment underwriting, due diligence processes and general administration of the firm.

Matt started his career within JP Morgan’s Hedge Fund Services division in Boston, MA before moving to the Co-invest team at Bain Capital where he worked closely with finance and investment teams on closing newly sourced private equity deals ranging in size from $100M to over $1B. Matt also spearheaded efforts to streamline and automate various team-wide business and analysis processes, saving company resources and eliminating functional errors.

Matt then worked as a Business Strategy Analyst at Postmates in San Francisco, CA where he was responsible for building an extensive supply-side predictive model which helped to make future strategy and budget decisions around dozens of historic data points.

Matt lives in West Hollywood, CA and is an active member of the Bentley University alumni community where he received a BS degree in Finance. He is an avid sports and music fan and enjoys photography and the outdoors in his spare time.