We create value on multiple fronts for both sponsors, via our passive programmatic co-GP equity, and investors, by via the ability to invest in CRE alongside some of the largest investment institutions in the world.

Matthew J. Gorelik
Founder & CEO
Matthew has garnered more than 20 years of experience in the Private Banking and Brokerage business.
Matthew  J. Gorelik

Throughout his career, Matthew has developed deep, lasting relationships with a broad array of capital sources including some of the world's wealthiest families, banks, agencies, life insurance companies and conduit lenders.  

Matthew has also built multi-generational relationships with many of the country’s most sophisticated and active real estate owners and operators. He founded TownshipCapital with the goal of building America’s premiere Real Estate Investment Management firm, bringing a bespoke, high-touch business model to a dated industry.

Matthew and his wife Krista are ambassadors at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and serve on the board of the Greater Los Angeles Epilepsy Foundation.

Matthew, Krista and their three children live in Beverly Hills, CA.